Molin is now helping HUFBAU-BNF Shop

Molin is now helping HUFBAU-BNF Shop

HUFBAU-BNF Shop today launches HUFBAU AI chatbot, an expert artificial intelligence-based customer service for construction material stores.

We are delighted to announce that HUFBAU-BNF Shop, a leading seller of construction materials and products, launches today its AI-based customer service developed by Molin. This revolutionary technology will allow customers to ask questions in 92 languages using specific construction terms, helping them to more easily browse the wide range of construction products.

The beta version of the new HUFBAU AI is available now on and can answer all kinds of questions in several languages. Developed by Molin, the system automates 60% of the customer service, enabling a fast and efficient response to customers' questions.

The HUFBAU AI customer service can answer most questions flawlessly, even when asked about technical issues. For example, if a customer asks "What materials would you recommend for a concrete pour in cold weather?", BNF-HUFBAU's service will be able to understand what materials are best for a concrete pour in cold weather and make recommendations based on that.

Knowledge of HUFBAU AI:

  • Relevant products or product information
  • Information about relevant products or services
  • Calculation of construction quantities and advice
  • Relevant telephone numbers
  • Many other things as well

The new service is now available on the BNFShop website and offers shoppers a new and innovative way to discover construction products and improve their shopping experience. While technology automates much of the customer service, BNF-HUFBAU still values the personal touch with customers and is ready to provide expert support for construction projects.

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